Form/Space Relationship: Negative space drawing

For this particular assignment we were assigned to draw the negative space of one of the 2 plant displays in the room. In my drawing I drew the negative space around all the leaves and the stems of the plant. After I drew the negative space I filled the negative space in with charcoal.

size: 17.5″ x 24″

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About donovamr

Student at Alfred State College working towards my Bachelors Degree in Digital Media and Animation
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2 Responses to Form/Space Relationship: Negative space drawing

  1. daniel says:

    Hello I would like to use this image in a blog post I am writing about jazz music, to visually demonstrate the concept of negative space. I will post a link here to the article, on my site it is a non-commercial blog about code and things i find interesting. If the image needs to be removed please let me know. Thanks!

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